UWEC Collegiate DECA Creates #Limitless Alumni Relations

Samantha Olson | UWEC DECA

One of the best events the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Collegiate DECA chapter has started having this year is an alumni reunion/dinner. This gives members the chance to meet up with older members, build connections with companies and continue to nurture relationships they’ve made during their time in DECA.

The UWEC Collegiate DECA chapter’s first event kicked off with a night of pizza and games at a local hotel. We found that homecoming brought a lot of our alums back into town, so we capitalized on this a threw a party.

With this gathering, we were able to start a scholarship fund that will be used to pay for registration for the 2018 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference for as many members as we can.

Our second event is coming up in about a weeks’ time, and looks to be just as great as the first one. We will be having a bowling tournament, and starting a traveling trophy that will become a tradition within the organization.

We plan on also fundraising at this gathering, just in time for ICDC preparations. I am excited to see how these traditions flourish, and to participate next year as an alumnus myself.

This article was written by University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Collegiate DECA Vice President of Administration, Samantha Olson. You can follow UWEC Collegiate DECA on Twitter @UWEC_DECA.

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