The Keys to Finding a Great Internship

Jordan Grass | Endicott Collegiate DECA

A successful internship is about to much more than simply finding a place to work that will fulfill a college course requirement, it involves learning about companies their culture and more importantly yourself, and Endicott’s Collegiate DECA chapter knows all about this.

At Endicott, students are required to get three internships before they graduate, including one that takes up an entire semester, and is the foundation of students thesis. During the search process students are told to really dive into their search, and look into the aforementioned parts of a successful internship.

The internship search for an Endicott student begins with finding out what you want from your experience, this is the case for our freshman same as it is for seniors. There is a reason for this being first, all other steps in the search revolve around finding out what you want to take from this experience. You should identify aspects of a work environment you like, whether its fast paced or more casual, a place where you are expected to show up in a suit everyday or where jeans are acceptable.

It is also important to think about yourself and what skills you have. Are you detail-oriented and can stick to a particular system, or are you more of a free thinker and problem solver? Do you like a quiet work environment or are you someone that values communication? There is no cookie cutter college student, just as there is also no cookie cutter internship. Identifying these aspects about yourself you can then start to look for internships that will fit you.

As Endicott students begin to search for companies looking for interns, they are encouraged to use all resources at their disposal to identify the best place for them. This approach tries to identify companies through multiple avenues, from online sources like indeed to our Colleges Handshake account, to networking events and career fairs on campus as well as working our personal and family networks. Sticking to one approach is never the best strategy to finding an internship as the net you cast is so small. No one approach will be able to identify all the potential opportunities you have, not all companies post listing on Indeed, and not all go to career fairs, and sometimes people in your personal network don’t even know they need the help but would be happy to take it if the opportunity presented itself.

With all their networks tapped Endicott students are able to identify three two five internships that would best fit them. While the next steps are not easy, being able to identify internships where you will best fit in helps you to tailor your resume and cover letter to not only what they are looking for but what you are strongest in. This will make interviewing easier and the research you will have to do on various companies will provide you with even more topics to talk about during any communication you have with them. Most importantly you will know that wherever you you intern you will be able to gain the experience you want in an environment well suited for you.

This article was written by Endicott Collegiate DECA Vice President, Jordan Grass. You can follow Endicott Collegiate DECA on Twitter @endicottdeca

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