#DECAATTProject School Shines at Alabama DECA Association Conference

The 2018 Alabama DECA Association Conference started off with a bang, as students from Decatur High School, a #DECAATTProject site, presented to peers and industry professionals on the importance of managing your digital footprint in an age where social media has become the standard norm.

As a part of AT&T’s Digital You Campaign, Decatur students are trained by AT&T employees and encouraged to promote digital safety and education in their local communities.

The Digital You presentations are drawn from curriculum established by AT&T. Along with the above named topic, material ranges from cyberbullying, tablet and smartphone training, to protecting your identity, data, and devices.

Not only were Decatur DECA members able to interact with other DECA members from statewide high schools, various AT&T professionals were able to come out and participate in the ongoing conversation. With the use of personal videos, skits, and partner activities, Decatur students illustrated the long-lasting impact your digital communications have on educational plans, relationships, and job recruitment.

Johnny Sanchez, Manager of Network Services at AT&T, stated how young adults need to be aware of the lasting effects of posting on social media. “You should never put yourself in a situation where you or your friends are uncomfortable with what is being posted. When you are doing something with a friend, you should ask yourself, ‘Hey am I okay with this being put on the internet?’ If not, then you should not be taking that kind of photo to even put yourself in a position where it could be shared.”

“We have worked closely with the students at Decatur to help them become strong presenters and to tailor the presentations so that they put their personal flair to them — such as adding skits. We are very proud of our DECA students and loved seeing their boosts in confidence as they nailed the presentation,” says Decatur’s AT&T ambassador, Fariba Tabarrok.

The partnership with AT&T has not only provided Decatur DECA members the opportunity to advocate in their local communities through the Digital You campaign, but also provide the students a chance to connect with AT&T professionals on a peer to mentor level.

Decatur sophomore, Chloe, spoke in regard to her AT&T ambassadors, “Being able to work with AT&T has made a huge impact on me. They have given us lots of invaluable advice on choosing a career and figuring out my next steps after high school. As of now, I am looking at attending University of Alabama at Birmingham after graduation.”

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