Spring Recruitment Ideas for Your Collegiate DECA Chapter

Micah Fabarez | Fort Hayes State University Collegiate DECA

At Fort Hayes State University’s Collegiate DECA chapter, and I’m sure in chapters across the country, attendance wavers through the second semester of the school year.

There are many reasons for this, such as the large break in the winter months potentially weakening the zeal that the students had for Collegiate DECA during the fall semester. In our chapter, we have many events that we host both on-campus and in the community throughout the entire school year, so I don’t believe it’s a lack of projects to work on. I believe the main culprit for attendance slouching in the spring semester is Winter Break, and also on a lack of recruitment in the spring semester.

In our chapter, we talked to classes about DECA in the spring mostly to recruit members for our on-campus conference in February. I believe that focusing more heavily on recruitment. as well as having more social events through the beginning of the spring semester, is a great way to keep current members engaged and recruit new members to join your chapter.

Our university puts on a very successful Back-to-School Picnic each fall that is a great event to help us recruit new members, but we do not have anything similar to this in the spring. Having a secondary Back-to-School Picnic during the first week of classes in the spring semester would be a great addition to our chapter’s social calendar and help get students who were not as active their first semester move involved.

One final idea would be to consider pushing back our spring conferences so it’s later into the semester. Since we normally host a conference during February, we have to really hit the ground running and be full speed from the get-go. This I am sure could be intimidating to someone new walking in to the group.

No matter what your chapter does to recruit during the spring semester, just make sure to get out there and help more students discover their #Limitless potential with Collegiate DECA!

This article was written by Fort Hayes State University Collegiate DECA President, Micah Fabarez. You can follow Micah on Twitter @mjfabarez34.

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