What Collegiate DECA Means to Me

Nicole Celeste | LDS College Collegiate DECA

Being a part of Collegiate DECA helped shape who I am. I am grateful for the many rewarding experiences I have had from being a member of Collegiate DECA.

Collegiate DECA allows you to apply your skills and compete in a competitive event that is related to your field of study whether it is accounting, marketing, fashion merchandising, etc.

Collegiate DECA is not just a club for me and I feel that DECA has helped open doors for me in the following ways:

  1. By introducing me to the some of the most influential leaders in business.
  2. By preparing me for my career in event planning, marketing, and advertising
  3. By helping me network and build strong relationships with people
  4. By helping me build my self-esteem and confidence in myself.

In my second semester as an LDS Business College student, I signed up for a one-credit class about presentation skills. I had no idea what DECA was at first and I didn’t know about the many opportunities that DECA had to offer. My DECA presentation skills class helped me prepare for my very first state competition. I competed in the Travel & Tourism case study event, as well as the Marketing Management event. Unfortunately, I did not place in either of my events, but I was placed on a team to participate in the National Management Institute event at the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference in Anaheim.

I was excited to represent my school at the 2017 #CDECAICDC event. I felt like a winner already. I’ve never felt so proud to be able to participate in something that will benefit me and help me become a better person in my career and in all aspects of my life.

I’ve had the opportunity to become more involved in DECA by volunteering to become the Assistant Vice President of Marketing for my chapter. In the summer of 2017, we held a fundraiser with the help of students and faculty from LDS Business College for the Utah Food Bank. We exceeded our goal of 300 pounds of food with the grand total of 1600 pounds of food. To add, we raised $1,546.38 in online and cash donations for the Utah Food Bank as well. Other events that I was involved in include the Fall Leadership Conference last September where my team and I won 2nd Place for our case study about the Utah Grizzlies. I also went to the ENGAGE conference in New York and won third place with my team for our Business Research case study about Marriott. My team and I will compete in the #CDECAICDC event this April and I couldn’t be more excited.

If you are ever considering joining Collegiate DECA, just do it. DECA offers you #Limitless opportunities! Your fellow DECA advisor at your school will act as your advocate and mentor for you if you just reach out. If your school doesn’t have its own DECA chapter, start your own. Join DECA and find it what it means to you.

This article was written by LDS Business College Collegiate DECA Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Nicole Celeste. You can follow Nicole on Twitter @nicoleceleste01.

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