Developing a Chapter Strategy That Works

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“Successful business strategy is about actively shaping the game you play, not just playing the game you find.” – Adam Brandenburg & Barry Nalebuff

DECA’s Chapter Strategy is just the tool you need to pave a smooth road for the year ahead. Strategy is essential to any successful enterprise and entrepreneurial leader. How people, ideas and resources come together to achieve results for your local chapter members is the key job of a DECA leader.

DECA’s Chapter Strategy provides the framework and resources to develop a chapter in a business-like context, helping members apply learning. Realize the full potential of your chapter by understanding the core elements of a successful DECA Chapter Strategy. Much like driving a car, success is about focusing on moving forward to where you want to go, and DECA’s Chapter Strategy will serve as your vehicle towards the destination.


Who is driving your chapter? Utilize DECA’s mission-based chapter officer positions to reflect a corporate leadership structure and set your chapter apart from other organizations or student clubs. DECA officer positions are aligned with each aspect of DECA’s mission and represent great leadership.


Use DECA’s Elevate resources to create an organizational chart to fit the unique needs, size and goals of your DECA chapter. Start with your elected officer positions, which make up the local executive leadership team. Below each elected position, identify directors, teams and/or committees to guide, support and execute activities.


We all have big dreams of what we want to achieve in our lives and in our DECA chapters. Setting measurable goals helps bring definition to those dreams. This definition allows you to better explain what you want to accomplish, coordinate your team efforts, track your progress, inspire your team members and continue refining your action plans to increase chances of success. Ask yourselves: are we running as efficiently and effectively as possible? With DECA Goals, you will reflect a corporate style of goals setting by assigning a goal range that everyone strives to achieve.


Meet with your local executive leadership team to set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals for the year and develop your chapter’s program of leadership. This is the time to get those gears working and ready for action. Utilize your chapter’s directors, teams and/or committees to engage DECA members in achieving the chapter’s goals. Be sure to plan times to evaluate your chapter’s program of leadership throughout the year to see where you are currently, define your ultimate destination and highlight milestones achieved along the way.


You are not in this alone! Connect with other local chapters, your association and the executive officer team to share ideas, wins and lessons learned as you work to the finish line to accomplish your chapter’s goals.


  • Use the DECA Elevate Leadership Tools to plan chapter events and fundraisers.
  • Plan your social media engagement with DECA’s Social Media Guide, Content Calendar and Social Media Audit tools.
  • Learn and share with your peers through DECA Direct Online and the Social Media Correspondent Program.
  • Take photos of your activities; this will not only show your progress but create a portfolio of resources to use for future communications and social media postings.

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