It’s Time to Submit Your IMPACT Program Projects!

Your Executive Officer Team is excited to see the IMPACT you’ve had on your chapters and associations this year.

This is your opportunity to create videos or digital media that showcase the LIMITLESS things you’ve done in these five categories:

  1. Advocacy
  2. Philanthropy
  3. DECA Month/Global Entrepreneurship Week
  4. Membership
  5. Partner/Sponsor Outreach

All entries will be judged by association officers from all four regions, and they will be evaluated on their content, creativity, organization, team participation, and overall impression.

The deadline to submit your IMPACT program projects are Friday, March 30, 2018, at 11:59 PM EST.

An award for the greatest IMPACT program submission will be presented to one association in each of the five categories. Do you have what it takes to showcase your talent and represent your association?

The Diamond Award will go to the region with the greatest overall impact. Be sure to submit your projects to the website to show your regional pride!

To submit your entry for the IMPACT program follow these six easy steps:

Step 1 – Visit the online submission form.

Step 2 – Click “Submit an Entry.”

Step 3 – Click “New User? Click here to Register” and enter all required information.

Step 4 – Select the category you would like to submit and enter all required information. (Note: although the “Title of Entry” field is shown as being required, it will not be judged.)

For each category, you can submit either a video or any form of digital media.

For video entries, please provide a link at which the video can be viewed (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

For digital media entries, please upload the file using the “Browse” button

If there is any additional information or a description you would like to provide, you may do so on the “Description/Other Information” line. Click “Submit” once finished.

Step 5 – If you have additional entries for a different category, click on “Submit a New Entry” and follow the same instructions from Step 4.

Step 6 – You can log out and log back in at any time to submit additional categories or to edit a previous submission.

The top officer teams and region will be recognized in Atlanta, Ga. during the Chartered Association Officer/Advisor Luncheon at the International Career Development Conference.

On behalf of your Executive Officer Team, good luck and we can’t wait to see the IMPACT you’ve had this year!

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