5 Reasons Your DECA Chapter Is More Like Your Family

Annelise Norton | Northwood University Collegiate DECA

College can be a scary thing, especially as a freshman, but your Collegiate DECA chapter becomes your support system and family on campus.

With your chapter by your side through fundraising, meetings, competition prep and most importantly competition, everything seems a little easier.

Here are the five reasons why your DECA chapter becomes more like your DECA family.

1. The good, the bad and the travel mornings.

Your chapter members are there when you can’t quite perfect your opening line, they’re screaming (professionally) when you place and get to walk up on stage, and even more impressive they are there at 5 AM when you’re a mess catching a plane for #CDECAICDC.

2. The late nights and stress.

Your chapter is there at 2 AM when you’re changing your presentation the night before states, when you are cramming for exams or when you just want ice cream and someone to vent to.

3. Just a few of us.

Collegiate DECA chapters can be much smaller than many high school DECA chapters, but this just makes my point even stronger. The smaller the chapter, the closer chapter members are in most cases. Everyone has busy schedules and lives, so when you’re together it’s because you want to be. You’re hanging out in DECA and outside because you care, these are your people.

4. Friendship

Your DECA family is always there. When every meeting takes twice as long because you’re telling stories and making jokes in between actual business, but it’s fine because after you’re inevitably going to get food together afterwards anyway.

5. It’s not just a DECA thing.

DECA students are the best students, obviously. This means that your chapter members are also in other clubs, sororities, fraternities and organizations with you. My sorority sisters who are also in DECA are the ones who I get to spend the most time with!

Of all the clubs and organizations I’m in on campus DECA has brought me my favorite people, prepared me for my future and given me invaluable knowledge.

State conferences, ICDC and educational conferences start to feel a whole lot like a big family vacation (with a little competition stress thrown in there). College is the time to meet your lifelong best friends, and I have DECA to thank for introducing me to all these people.

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This article was written by Northwood University Collegiate DECA member and Michigan Collegiate DECA President, Annelise Norton. You can follow Northwood Collegiate DECA on Twitter @NorthwoodDECA

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