DECA Members Share Digital Education & Safety Messages to a Surprising Audience

DECA members from 12 #DECAATTProject high schools in the southeast were trained to deliver important messages about digital education and safety in their communities. The Digital You curriculum was developed by AT&T and their employee volunteers trained DECA members from the participating high schools.

The topics included in the training ranged from cyberbullying, tablet and smartphone training, managing your digital footprint to protecting your identity, data, and devices. Now trained, scores of students are delivering presentations to their peers, middle school students, parents and senior citizens.

“Hadi, Jack, and I didn’t plan on teaching technology to senior citizens on a Saturday morning, but the overall outcome of my experience was truly breathtaking,” said Theddis Akins, DECA Vice President of Leadership, Thomas Jefferson High School, Florida.

“While visiting Arbor Terrace in Tampa Bay, Fla., the excitement of the senior citizens continued to amaze me as we changed their lives one step at a time. Through the Digital You curriculum provided by AT&T, we were able to teach the senior citizens how to navigate a tablet or smartphone through visual representations and hand-on activities. The session was about more than technology, it was about making the slightest bit of adjustment in your life to give a helping hand to those seeking love as the days slowly fade away.”

“Thank you DECA and AT&T for giving my chapter the opportunity to perform honorable deeds with a most deserving segment of our society,” Theddis expressed.

DECA members from Memphis Business Academy used technology to deliver their presentation to schools in California and Ohio. Using the Nepris platform to connect students with businesspeople and other students, these DECA members shared their presentation on cyberbullying.

“I volunteered to present the cyberbullying presentation on the Nepris platform, not only because it would be a great addition to my Public Relations competitive event, but also because a few years ago I was a victim of cyberbullying,” said Deja Davis, Memphis Business Academy, Tennessee.

“I felt that presenting this information would help others like me to understand strategies and platforms available to assist. When the day of the presentation came, I was horrifically nervous. But after stepping up to the camera, I saw that the students were just like me, and that there was no pressure. I began to get comfortable and tried to relate to them.  The presentation was a success. Deja shared, “Throughout the presentation we asked questions, and we noticed that they were actually very interested in the material.”

Excited to continue sharing the message, Deja said, “Next time, I would show the audience a few real-life stories, through video to connect them to victims of cyberbullying.”

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