How High School DECA Connects to Collegiate DECA

Skyler Faulkner | Grand Canyon University Collegiate DECA

Being a high school student can be stressful. Between being cooped up in a classroom and the stress of trying to figure out what college you want to pursue in order to make a living in the world, there is no question that high school students live under tons of pressure.

DECA allows students to prepare themselves for the outside world and gives them a head start on what type of career path they want to pursue. While the amazing trips are a big help, the amount of knowledge about professional life and college options you receive while in DECA are a major benefit to being involved in the organization.

Continuing DECA into college is where members can really start to flourish in looking for professional career options. Recently, members from Grand Canyon University Collegiate DECA were able to go and mentor some high school members in our area and help them prepare for their district competition.

Collegiate DECA and high school DECA are very different, so being able to return to a high school chapter and help those members shape what type of decisions they will make was an amazing opportunity. We were able to focus on specific areas of competition and give different insights into competition and how judges often view competitors.

Of course professional opportunities are not the only benefit to both high school and collegiate DECA members. We were able to share stories of our times competing at DECA’s International Career Development Conference and give some advice as to what to expect in college and how to complete college applications, which are extremely stressful.

Overall DECA has not only helped prepare high school students for college and the beginning to the career options available, but also to the collegiate members preparing to make their mark on the world as mentors and volunteers.

This article was written by Grand Canyon University Collegiate DECA member, Skyler Faulkner. You can follow Grand Canyon University Collegiate DECA on Twitter @GCUDECA.

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