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Mallory O’Neil | Vector Marketing

Are you casually dating your job or is it “The One?”

Mark Anthony wrote, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Unfortunately, that is not the reality for everyone but not because the dream job doesn’t exist.

Much like finding a partner in life, finding a job you love can take some searching. Like dating, there are tons of resources for finding a job or part-time work. Some online job boards could be considered the Tinder of job searching if you will.

Life is entirely too short to spend your life in a job that you don’t love, so here are a few tips to help you find the position that you can fall head over heels for.

Dating Experience

Many of us pick our college majors based on what we think our passion is and then get into the workplace and realize we were wrong… so very wrong. The best way to prevent this from happening and find your passion is by experiencing as much as you possibly can. Start working while you’re in high school. Try many different areas of employment just to start scratching the surface of what you may like or may be good at.

When you’re in college, make sure to get at least two internships. The first internship should be in the field of your major so that you can get a real world view of that field. The second internship should be in something different so that you are not only expanding your field of knowledge, but you’re able to truly compare and contrast your experiences.

Think Outside the Box

If cupid hasn’t struck you with an arrow in your work experience, seek additional experience in extracurricular activities. DECA is an amazing organization for high school and college students that can give some real insight into many different fields. Seek your passion in sports, hobbies, or volunteer opportunities.

These activities are going to shape your strengths, talents, and skills, but they will also help you find your passion in life. Without hobbies that turned into passions, there would be no Major League Baseball, yoga studios, or dare I say, Apple!

Don’t Marry for Money

“Cry when it hurts, laugh when it’s funny. Chase after the dream, don’t chase after the money.” –Old Dominion.

By the time I was 23 years old, I landed this “fancy” job in New York working in television, making a pretty decent living for a 23 year old. I hated every second of it. A fate I could have avoided if my eyes didn’t light up when they flashed a big check in my face during the interview process.

With student loans looming over my head, I chased the money. It wasn’t until I quit and found a job that served the greater good (making significantly less money) that I found a job I loved. I loved to help people. Money is everything when you don’t have any, but I promise it’s not worth having if you’re not happy.

No matter how much you love what you do, there can be too much of a good thing. Make sure that you keep a healthy work/life balance. At Vector Marketing, we have an entire department dedicated to helping sales representatives and managers develop themselves both personally and professionally. Vector Marketing believes that if you’re happy at home, you’ll do well at work.  To find an office near you visit,

This article was written by Vector Marketing Campus Recruiting Manager, Vector East, Mallory O’Neil. Vector Marketing is a DECA National Advisory Board partner and Corporate Social Media Correspondent. You can follow Vector Marketing on Twitter @VectorMarketing.

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