Five Ways to Start Competition Season Strong

Melissa Patrocinio | Apex DECA

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DECA competition season is getting tougher with many states’ career development conferences coming up and ICDC seemingly around the corner.

Here are five tips to make your competitions absolutely Limitless.

1. Make a Plan

Whether you want to make it to ICDC or get a leadership position at your local chapter, everyone needs to make a plan of action. To ensure success, it’s beneficial to know what you want to achieve ahead of time. So making goals and objectives are critical. Just make sure your goals are measurable and realistic.

2. Keep up Stamina

Stay motivated to continue working towards your goals. It’s easy to get tired or lose interest of your project/ event, so it’s a good idea to strategize to stay strong.

3. Involve your Members/ Stay Involved

Encourage others DECA members to continue participating in competition and activities. Even if you or someone else isn’t going to compete, find ways to participate in other events like fundraisers and social media challenges.

4. Work on Your Projects

All too often, it seems like DECA and school are their busiest at the same time. Between exams, college applications, scholarships, jobs, internships, and other school activities, it’s very easy to become preoccupied and postpone working on your DECA competitive event. That’s why it’s important to put aside time to work. Even if you only work 15 minutes a day, just remember, getting started is the hardest part!

5. Stay Up-To-Date

There are so many events and dates to keep in mind, even now in February. To be prepared, it’s critical that you remember these dates. Turning in papers and even coming to role-plays late is not acceptable. There’ll be a lot of important dates from now until the end of competition season. And they usually come faster than you’d think!

This article was written by Apex DECA President, Melissa Patrocinio. You can read the Spanish version of this article here. Follow Melissa on Twitter @Melissa_Patro.

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