How to Stay on Top of Your Schoolwork During a DECA Competition

Sara Christenson | Oregon High School DECA

Trying to stay on top of all of your schoolwork can be a daunting task when preparing for a multiple-day DECA competition.

Competitions can be long, which means it’s essential to stay on top of your work if you want to avoid drowning in it when you get back!

Give Your Teachers a Heads Up

Let your teachers know when you will be gone, and ask them to inform you of any work you will be missing, as well as give you any available assignments before you leave. You can also create a plan with your teacher to take a test before you leave, or find a day to make it up when you get back.

The sooner you let them know the better, as it will give them time to look through their class plans and prepare any work they can for you. As you hear from each teacher, create a list of all of the work you will be missing in each class.

Get a Head Start

Now that you’ve talked to all of your teachers, you should have an idea of what you will be missing, as well as some assignments you can do before your return. The best thing you can do now is get a head start on what you have.  Spend an extra hour or so each night (depending on how much work you have) to get started on what you will miss.

Talk To Friends

Friends can be a great resource to send you any notes or homework you miss while gone, as well as helping you get caught up when you get back!

While You’re Gone

If you have some spare time while at your competition, it is great to try and keep up with some of your work, especially if there is anything urgent. However, don’t spend so much time doing schoolwork that you forget to enjoy yourself.

Competitions are meant to be fun, so make sure you meet new people and enjoy the time that you are there.

When You Get Back

Once you get back from competition, it’s time to get down to business on the work you missed. Hopefully at this point you will have a good chunk of the work done, but more than likely you will still have quite a bit left. Prioritize what needs to be done first, and then spend some extra time each day to chip away at the work you missed.

This article was written by Oregon High School DECA Vice President of Competitive Excellence, Sara Christenson. You can follow Sara on Twitter @sarachris_.

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