Why You Should Start Your Internship Search Now

I remember hearing my classmates say, “I’m going to wait until my junior or senior year to get an internship.”

This would always confuse me even as a freshman. Why would you wait? Why would you shut doors for yourself before even seeing what is behind them?

Internships are such a unique opportunity because it gives students an inside look on an industry where they can get hands on experience without the commitment of a career. This is fantastic because the idea of a career can be terrifying.

You mean I have to choose something that I supposedly will love for the rest of my life? What if I make the wrong choice? I don’t even know what I’m going to choose to make for dinner today.

The more internships you have in your college career, the better the candidate you will be. Employers want to know that you have experience or proficiency in specific areas and tools that the classroom can not provide for you.

Think about two candidates for a position; both graduated from Stanford with a 3.9 and a degree in economics. One candidate interned for a semester his senior year and another completed four internships over the course of his schooling. Now, which person would you want working for you? My decision was pretty simple.

Internships can be fun and exciting! When I interned freshman year, I learned that the job was not for me and it was an eye-opening experience that inspired me to add a second degree I was much more passionate about.

During my senior year, I interned at the corporate headquarters of a Fortune 500 company and made this internship my primary source of income. I found internships that were enjoyable, allowed me to learn a lot, and even one that paid well above minimum wage, as well as provide me with college credit!

I can preach to you about internships forever but at the end of the day, you need to take the initiative. Great internships generally don’t just fall into your lap. You’re going to have to research within your desired industry and find the ones that work best for you.

Your school will happily assist you in finding a good internship. For me, the best internship I had ever received came from networking with DECA alumni.

There are so many opportunities out there. Now is the time to snag them up!

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