Competition Tips to Help You Make the Stage at #CDECAICDC

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, because it’s time for competition season! As many of us wrap up our SCDC’s and chapter practice sessions, the desire to make the stage at the 2018 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC) keeps growing.

So, here are a few tips that will help boost your competition experience and get you on stage.

 Immerse Yourself & Take Control

One of the most unique characteristics in the Collegiate DECA experience is that competitive events are designed to be authentic to the work place environment. Many of our case studies and written events developed from real workplace scenarios submitted by many of our National Advisory Board partners. Furthermore, many of the judges at ICDC are industry professionals who have immense experience and knowledge on the event topic.

Instead of viewing your event as a competition, change your perspective and pretend that you are actually in the situation. Assume the role you are given and view our judge as either the employer, employee, or client at hand. This means have a real conversation with them, just like you would if it was your job.

Don’t forget, you have control of the presentation. It’s okay to break out of the formality of competition in order engage your judge, but be respectful and clear when presenting your solutions. This will definitely help you stand out, and maybe land you a job. 

Performance Indicators, Performance Indicators, Performance Indicators

While judges are looking for the best solutions, they can only evaluate you based on their given rubric. It’s important to understand that the performance indicators are what the judge is grading you on.

During your prep time, make sure to comprehend your performance indicators in context with your solution. Give the judge the impression that you are competent in the topics by enunciating the performance indicators in your conversation.  

Use Your Work Experience

Another unique aspect of Collegiate DECA’s competitive events are that members come in with various work and education experiences. While many can lack in actual experience in certain event clusters, it’s okay to use examples from your own career journey in formulating solutions.

This will allow you to enable your creative thinking skills, while giving the judge a new perspective.

Reflect on Feedback

One of the most valuable resources you can have in your career journey is the completed judge’s evaluation form. Many of the judges truly care about developing your career skills and setting you on the path for success. Win or lose, look over the feedback left by your judges, then take the feedback seriously in order to improve.

If you have a chance, attend the Meet the Pros session at #CDECAICDC where you can meet one on one with your judge.

Looking for more competitive event resources? Check out the links below!

Performance Indicators By Cluster:

Best of luck in your competition prep, and reach out to any of your executive officers if you have any questions.

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