Chapter Management Tips to Finish the Year Strong

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As your academic year is over halfway done, keep the momentum going with your chapter and engage your members so you can end your year as strong as possible.

As a chapter leader, you have a responsibility to make sure all of your members accomplish that same goal of having a #Limitless year.

Check out a few of my top tips to help keep your members engaged this spring semester:

1. Communication is Key

Keeping your members included on up-to-date information will allow them to see all the great events your chapter is planning this spring semester. My chapter personally sends out monthly newsletters via email to our chapter members letting them when we are having events or keeping them in the loop with the latest news within the chapter.

2. Team Bonding

Team bonding sessions are something that are my favorite because you not only getting to know each other, but your building lifelong friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether it is getting together for pizza or working on a Leadership Passport Program requirement (BTW those are due March 7!). Having these sessions really makes a good chapter great!

3. Every Idea is Important

As a student leader, listening to all the ideas your members bring to discussion is what makes your chapter become even stronger. Ideas brought up from members are the best because you as a student leader get to collaborate and initiate conversation around these ideas to help develop them, or possibly come up with an even better idea. What I have found was small ideas that people brought up in our meetings really blossomed into great ideas and events. It also includes everyone in your chapter as you come together a chapter and you get to talk about these.

Being a chapter leader is a big responsibility, and keeping your members involved is just one part of being a leader. Having fun and learning from each other will allow your chapter to have a truly #Limitless year.

Make sure to tag @DECAInc and use #Limitless when you post on social media this semester. I look forward to seeing all the fun you all are having!

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