Discovering the Marketing Side of Sports During #DECASEM Day 2

Day 2 of the 2018 DECA Sports & Entertainment Marketing Conference was all about sports!

Steve Hogan from Florida Citrus Sports kicked off #DECASEM Day 2. Hogan stressed the importance of building relationships as he took our attendees on the journey of how he planned not only a stadium, but a whole community, from the ground up.

Following Steve Hogan was Chris D’Orso, the Senior Vice President of Sales & Operations from the Orlando Magic. While they may not be the top team in the NBA, D’Orso went through different aspects of their marketing to explain how they continue to sell out Amway Arena for every single game. He taught the attendees that, while there may be a shift into everything digital, sometimes there are exceptions that encourage some traditional methods for older generations and international tourists that are a huge segment of their market in Orlando.

Chris Michalowski, otherwise known as “Coach Mick,” joined the session from the United States Professional Tennis Association (USTA.) As the Director of Experiential Learning at the National Campus in Orlando, Coach Mick demonstrated how successful USTA has been through their shift from traditional marketing to exclusively online.

Closing out the session was Jon Kropp from the Golf Channel. Kropp took the attendees on the journey from sports coverage on television in the 1990s to today. The popularity of non-traditional content platforms like AmazonFire TV, Hulu, Sling etc. have changed how sports are viewed in the palm of your hand.

The attendees are nearing the end of the conference, but the fun continues if you follow #DECASEM on your favorite social media!

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