Gaining Competition Confidence from an Association Officer Visit

Ruby Shealy | Buchholz DECA

On January 19, 2018, Florida DECA Vice President Chad Doback visited the Buchholz DECA chapter. Chad’s speech about competitive events and ways to succeed at our association conference (CDC) was incredibly informational and inspiring for new members. Buchholz DECA would highly recommend inviting a association officer to visit your chapter to help energize and prepare new members for CDC.

Chad started his speech with an engaging game that immediately captured the chapter’s attention. This playful opening gained the respect and interest of new members, and gave students a chance to have fun rather than dwelling on the stress of competition.

Next, Chad shared a video of a sample role-play and analyzed the behavior of the competitor. He explained in detail what students could do to stand out in role-plays and how to reduce competition anxiety. One of the biggest tips he gave us was to approach a role-play like you are the boss. In other words, act as if you know it all, because the judge will not know that you don’t.

This advice was extremely valuable in preparing for competition as well as making new members feel more confident about their roleplaying abilities. Many members find competition intimidating, because they feel as if they do not know everything about their topic, but Chad’s “boss” advice made them feel more comfortable in front of the judges. In addition, seeing a state officer face-to-face made many members feel more connected to DECA and more eager to attend conferences.

This article was written by Buchholz DECA Vice President of Leadership, Ruby Shealy. You can follow Buchholz DECA on Twitter @DECABuchholz.

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