What #CTEMonth Is All About & How You Can Get Involved

 Each year, we utilize the month of February to celebrate Career & Technical Education, or #CTEMonth as it’s more commonly known on social media.

During February, we celebrate and bring awareness to ALL of the Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). Do you know how many CTSOs there are? Check out ctsos.org to find out!

It may seem like promoting and celebrating all organizations that provide CTE is difficult, but there are many ways you can get involved at the chapter level. The purpose of CTE Month is to spread the word to the world about the amazing world of CTSOs and how CTE classes benefit students around the world.

To be a part of the voices that spread the word about CTE you can:

  • Complete Collegiate DECA’s Advocacy Campaign
  • Travel to local and state legislatures advocating the importance CTE to policymakers and government officials
  • Hold campus outreach and community outreach activities to promote your chapter’s place within the community
  • Write to your representatives and ask them to join DECA’s Congressional Advisory Board

In addition to participating the Advocacy Campaign, you can join the ACTE Thunderclap, an online campaign that will post a message about CTE on your behalf in the month of February! Also, be sure to visit www.acteonline.org/ctemonth to find out more ways to get involved in #CTEMonth.

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