Searching for Graduate Programs

Steven Miller | Mississippi State University-Meridian Collegiate DECA

Are you getting about ready to complete your undergraduate degree and have started thinking about pursuing your graduate program?

Well, be sure to keep some things in mind, as I have been in the process of also completing the steps to begin working on mine as well.

First, think about it, and again, and then again!

Not everyone needs a graduate degree to go into the field of study that they want to attain, but graduate studies are not for the faint of heart and should be closely regarded before even beginning the search.

I plan on going into the graduate program at my school to earn my MBA; with this in mind, I also want to go back into the classroom and teach at either the senior or junior college level while also providing more for my son and myself.

If you’re still on the fence about earning a MBA, here are a few possible outcomes to consider:

  1. Increasing your odds for PhD programs
  2. Leveraging a higher salary
  3. Achieving a sense of pride and accomplishment

Many students go to school because they feel like they need to continue to be in school and then become professional students. Be sure to set your goals as to what you want from your academic career and know your exit point!

What requirements are needed?

Basic requirements are usually needed when you are attempting to be accepted into a grad school program. Be sure to check with your interested schools to see things needed such as GMAT, GRE, TOEFL (international students), letters of recommendation (and just how many are required), resume(s), letters of employment (usually helps with the need of actually taking the GMAT or GRE and sometimes can provide you with requirement points needed for acceptance).

Be sure to check on what is needed and the deadlines for each of these.

What is this going to cost?

Well, you know I couldn’t leave this one out. Be sure to check and see exactly how your degree can be attained. Some colleges offer completely online graduate degrees. BEWARE: These usually cost more but you could end up finishing school a lot quicker than the usual time of attendance.

You can usually get financial assistance through federal loans, assistantships, and other means. Be sure to check with your school(s) to see what are the best options to cut down as many costs as possible.

This article was written by MSU-Meridian Collegiate DECA Social Media Correspondent, Steven Miller. You can follow Steven on Twitter @stevenc_miller and MSU-Meridian Collegiate DECA on Twitter @msudecameridian

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