CTE Month + Advocacy Month #DECAAdvisor Twitter Chat

Vince LoPiccolo | Rochester Adams DECA

Connect with like-minded advisors and Career & Technical Education (CTE) educators to talk CTE and Advocacy Month during the February #DECAAdvisor Twitter Chat on Wednesday February 7, at 9 PM EST.

Promoting our programs of study to students is important, but when we promote CTE to the legislators and communities that impact our programs, everyone benefits. Communities provide the local support we need for DECA competitive events and our legislators shape the public policy that dictates what we teach.

While completing DECA’s Advocacy Campaign may seem daunting, getting started is often the hardest part. Participating in this Twitter Chat will help you with both motivation and planning, two keys to getting started. Your entire chapter is able to participate with your help.

Developing greater recognition for the important work we do as CTE teachers pays dividends. You are encouraged to join the host of the February #DECAAdvisor chat, our very own Teresa Brooks (@DECABrooks) of @SouthingtonDECA.

Search #DECAAdvisor in Twitter on Wednesday, February 7 at 9 PM to see the questions and type #DECAAdvisor in any tweet for everyone participating to see your answers.

Join us and have a #Limitless CTE Month!

This article was written by Rochester Adams DECA advisor, Vince LoPiccolo. You can follow Vince on Twitter @AdamsDECA.

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