5 Ways to Maintain Confidence While Presenting

Allie Steinmetz | Minnesota DECA

Whether you’re presenting in front of a classroom or a DECA competitive events judge, keeping your cool and pulling off a flawless presentation is always important.

However, it’s usually easier said than done!

Getting nervous is natural, but there are also plenty of ways to combat your nervous and stay cool, calm and collected.

Check out a few ways below:

1. Get comfortable.

Start off with some casual conversation with your judge. This allows you to settle in and focus your thoughts. Any type of conversation will do. “How about that weather?” is always a classic. This also makes the judge seem less intimidating, they are people too.

2. Have good posture.

Not only will good posture make you look better, but it will also help your confidence. When you keep your shoulders back and your head high, signals go through your brain that creates you to be more self-assured. Do not be afraid to strike a quick “power-pose” right before competition, it will build your confidence.

3. Practice.

Practice your presentation in front of a friend that you are comfortable with. You do not need to memorize every word you are going to say, but have a good outline. If you are following a word to word script, you might get nervous if you miss one word. You know this topic well, practice what you are going to say different ways, then go out there and kill it!

4. Breath. Always remember to take deep breaths, before and during. Seconds may feel like minutes, but I promise time is not going any faster. The judges will not notice if you calm down and take a breath. This will also help you talk slower. A lot of the times we get nervous and start talking really fast, taking deep breaths will help slow you down. Deep breaths are the key to staying calm, cool, and collective.

5. Be yourself.

It is hard to be comfortable when you are not being yourself. Do not try to be someone you are not, it will just make you more nervous. The judges will appreciate if you show your personality. Talking like a robot will make you look nervous and stressed. Just relax and be yourself, the judges will see confidence and you will feel it!

This article was written by Minnesota DECA President, Allie Steinmetz. You can follow Allie on Twitter @_alliieejoo_.

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