3 Ways to Get Your Chapter Excited about #CTEMonth

Lena Kellogg | Leavenworth DECA
Photo courtesy of @decavpmarjorie on Twitter.

February is an important month for DECA and other Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). As a chapter officer, leader or a DECA dedicated (DECAcated, anyone?) member, you’re excited for the opportunity to advocate for the organization that has given you so much.

Here are a few ideas to help pass along that excitement to your entire chapter!

1. Inform Your Chapter About #CTEMonth

When I was a first-year member, I had absolutely no idea what Career & Technical Education Month (#CTEMonth) was or how it related to DECA. You might have similar members in your chapter! Let them know about how CTE funding directly affects them as DECA members. DECA Direct is a great resource to direct your members to with questions.

You can also encourage all your chapter members to sign up for the #CTEMonth Thunderclap and help ACTE spread the word about #CTEMonth and make a splash on social media around the world! Learn more about the Thunderclap and get signed up today here.

2. Participate in DECA’s Advocacy Campaign

DECA’s Advocacy Campaign is a great way to get your chapter involved with #CTEMonth and get recognition from DECA too! Check out all you have to do here to complete the campaign.

3. Connect with Other CTSOs in Your School

Consider holding a combined meeting or party with the other CTSOs in your school. This is a great way to foster a more inviting and encouraging CTSO community within your school.

All CTE courses and CTSOs are vital to rounding out a student’s education. Remind your members that just because DECA fits best for them, other CTSOs fit best for other students!

Our awesome Executive President Jaron May wrote an awesome article that perfectly demonstrates the importance of being united as CTSOs!

This #CTEMonth, let’s increase chapter participation and excitement and advocate for what we love!

This article was written by Leavenworth DECA President, Lena Kellogg. You can follow Lena on Twitter @lena_kellogg.

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