5 Tips For Successful Community Service Projects

Sarah Young | Riverbend DECA

It is no secret that DECA members are community oriented.

Show leadership in your chapter by proposing and planning a new community service project to increase teamwork and innovation.

Here are five tips to get you started!

1. Find a local organization that you are passionate about.

Explore the opportunities that are available in your community. Reach out to schools, hospitals and food banks to find a project that is right for your chapter. You can always start your own community service project to benefit those in need at your very own school. Riverbend DECA recently held a toy drive to benefit pediatric cancer patients at VCU and John Hopkins on behalf of Katherine Norton.

2. Set a realistic timeline and goals.

It is important to plan early in order to have maximum participation from your chapter. Depending on the project, your members may need time to get donations or to set a date on their calendar. Try planning the project a month in advance to allow your chapter to make posters and schedule social media postings for better promotions. You should also set goals that are attainable and known among your DECA members.

3. Raise money if necessary.

Your community service project may benefit from some extra cash. If you are holding a drive and collecting items, try creating a fundraiser on the side to increase the amount of items you can donate. For example, Riverbend DECA did a fundraiser with Krispy Kreme to sell doughnuts in order to have money to buy more items for the Katherine Norton Toy Drive. This increases participation from members who may not have any tangible items to donate.

4. Keep in contact with the organization.

If your chapter’s community service project is benefitting a local organization, make sure to stay in touch! Throughout the project, it is important to keep the organization updated and in contact in case you have any questions. Stay organized and save the contact information for the following year if you think your chapter would be interested in doing the project again.

5. Share your success!

Post about your successful event on your chapter’s social media pages. You can even create a fun hashtag to encourage participation throughout the project. Encourage one of your officers to write an article for DECA Direct to help others plan their very own community service project. You are sure to inspire others through your success.

It is never too late in the year to start planning a community service project for your DECA chapter. Make it a goal to make a difference!

This article was written by Riverbend DECA Chapter Secretary and District President, Sarah Young. You can follow Riverbend DECA on Twitter @bendddeca.

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