The Importance of 8th Grade DECA Members

Austin Cluck | Alma DECA
Sidney Hatley and Austin Cluck, 2017 ICDC delegates as middle school students. Sidney won 1st place AR SCDC in Financial Consulting and Austin won 1st place AR SCDC in Principles of Finance.

Alma DECA takes pride in the fact that we have members that do not only attend Alma High School, but also Alma Middle School.

These students are the future of our DECA program, and it is important that they have a great foundation. The students in the Introduction of Marketing class at the middle school learn many important entry level skills like marketing foundations, the foundation of personal finance, personal selling skills, entrepreneurship foundations and the means to own and operate a business.

To our members at Alma Middle School: You are a very important part of Alma DECA and to the entire DECA Inc. nation.

Many schools do not have a program that includes 8th grade members, as we do in Alma. This means that you have a head start on a majority of the high schoolers around the world when it is only their first year.  As a former 8th grade DECA member, I ask that you don’t take this year for granted and learn as much as you can so that you are as prepared as you can be for high school. We are a very successful DECA program, and you are our future.

Eighth grade members may feel pressure knowing you are the future for Alma DECA, but I assure you that it isn’t something you should worry about. The future is an unexplored horizon that only you can explore, and there isn’t any better place to start than during middle school. Enjoy the time of learning and preparation for competition, and other activities.

If I were to give any advice to our 8th grade DECA members, the first tip that I would give is to ask questions. If you have tried to solve a problem and you are stumped, go ask your advisor, who can supply information that you might not have known that could help you in accomplishing your goal.

Second of all, be comfortable with working alone or in a group. So far this year, I have already completed countless single and team projects. That’s nothing to be afraid of. Be experienced in relying on yourself to get things done, and when it comes to a team, be willing to trust your team-mates to do their part, and you do yours.

Finally, be overly involved. In 8th grade, you may think it is busy. High school can get very busy on occasions, so do the most that you can while you’re not busy. Competing, volunteering, and fundraising are great ways to be involved.

Overall, remember that as 8th grade members, you are a huge part of Alma DECA and that you have great opportunities waiting for you. YOU are the future of our organization, and have amazing advisors to help you along the way. Use these opportunities to help you along your path in life, throughout your educational training and in your career.

This article was written by Alma DECA Vice President of Finance, Austin Cluck. You can follow Austin on Twitter @austin_l_c_03 and Alma DECA @AlmaDECA.

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