What Comes After DECA Districts?

Sara Sherazi | Truman DECA

I hope everyone had a great and successful district conference this month!

Now that district conference season has officially come to an end, there are various things that you can work on before you embark on the next step of your DECA journey and hopefully to #DECAICDC at Atlanta, Ga.!

1. Practice for your event.

First off, congratulations for qualifying for states! You have now completed the first step of your DECA journey. Next up is your state Career Development Conference, where you’ll be able to network and compete with DECA members from your state.

With the competition being more intense, it’s very important to practice for your event. Form a study group with your friends or even mock competitions with your chapter to help you be on the road to Atlanta!

2) Fundraise

Fundraising is very crucial to a successful DECA chapter; it’s never too late to fundraise as a chapter or for yourself. Start off by setting up a goal, whether it’s for trips, resources or events. Some ways my chapter fundraises include hosting a Prom Fashion Show, restaurant sales night, and selling candy grams and DECA apparel.

3) Increase chapter membership.

Although the DECA year has just started, you can always look for potential DECA members for next year. Try to host events that involve all students, such as a Prom Fashion Show, which can help create awareness for DECA at your school. Reach out to those students who show special interest by getting them involved at DECA events that your chapter will host in the future.

On behalf of Truman DECA, I hope you and your chapter continuous success in your future  DECA endeavors.

This article was written by Taylor Truman DECA President, Sara Sherazi. You can follow Sara on Twitter @sara_sherazi and @TrumanDECA.

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