Will You Accept DECA’s Advocacy Chapter Campaign Challenge?

Photo courtesy of Oregon DECA.

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, a time to celebrate and recognize all that Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), like DECA, do for us.

We have all heard the amazing DECA stories from advisors, members and even celebrities, but did you know you can use your own personal story to help DECA and other CTSOs this February?

On behalf of DECA, I challenge you and all your chapter to complete this year’s Advocacy Campaign. As a DECA member, you are often ambassadors for this organization, but this month let’s take that one step further!

Complete these three items and you will leave a #Limitless impact on your community and DECA as a whole:


Promoting DECA within your school and school district is important to gaining members, as well as letting students and staff know what we are all about. Encourage your school’s CTSOs to wear their shirts on a certain day during the month. Also, reach out to your administration or school board and let them know the amazing things DECA has done for you.


Policy makers have a huge impact on CTE funding. Often times, they are not in the classroom and do not know how much these organizations and classes affect students. Take the time to write letters and visit your local, state and even national policy makers. There are several policy makers that have already backed DECA and are apart of DECA’s Congressional Advisory Board. You can find the members of the board at http://bit.ly/decacab.


Much of DECA’s support comes from local communities, city leaders, business owners and parents who have seen firsthand the impact DECA has with the students in your area. During February, make sure you are reaching out to these groups to let them know what DECA is doing right in their hometown. You should also write thank you letters to businesses that have helped your chapter, and speak to prospective business partners about DECA.

Completing these three steps in the month of February is sure to help progress DECA in your school, community and internationally. Thank you for making DECA amazing and sharing the inspirational stories you have from DECA.

Make sure to post all your CTE activities this month using #CTEMonth and don’t forget the submission deadline for DECA’s Advocacy Campaign is March 1, 2018.

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