What Makes February So Special for DECA Members?

Photo courtesy of @brhs_deca on Instagram.

February isn’t just the month of love, the month of association conferences, or the month before the association conferences.

Despite World Nutella day being in February, there are more sweet things that DECA brings during the shortest month of the year.

February is known in the business educational world as CTE Month, but what does that really mean?

Career & Technical Education Month highlights the values and accomplishments of CTE programs, such as DECA.

One of the major chapter campaigns DECA offers for participation during CTE Month is the Advocacy Campaign, which encourages students to bring awareness to all the great things DECA does. Whether it’s holding a public service event, meeting with local legislature, or just educating people on the organization we all love so much, we are advocating on behalf of DECA.

However, February is the only month that your chapter can participate in the Advocacy Campaign, so get your plans going and your team together!

For more information on the Advocacy Campaign, please feel free to reach out to an executive officer, your chapter advisor, or check out the Chapter Campaigns Guidebook here.

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