5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Miss #CDECAICDC 2018

Photo courtesy of @AZCollegeDECA on Twitter.

Can you believe that the 2018 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference is less than four months away?!

As your chapter begins to consider if you want to attend this year’s #CDECAICDC in Washington, D.C. , here are five reasons why you don’t want to miss it!

1. Reunite With Friends

One huge part of the conference is being able to see the friends you have met over the years. ICDC is one way you can expand your connections and friendships from all over the world

2. Great Speakers

Great industry speakers are always on deck at #CDECAICDC, the 2018 conference is no exception! We’re so excited to hear from Johnny Cupcakes, a successful entrepreneur and business owner, during this year’s opening session.

3. Networking

You will be able to network with fellow student leaders and National Advisory Board partners as you collaborate on ideas and talk about opportunities within their organizations. Don’t forget, you’ll also have a chance to meet the executive officer candidates before they’re elected!

4. Competition

Who doesn’t like friendly competition? At #CDECAICDC, you’ll have the chance to compete in the category you select against members from all over the world. You will also be able to develop as a leader in that selected category and learn from the pros!

5. Exploring D.C.

This year’s conference is so close to Washington, D.C., and offers so many opportunities to go sightseeing and learn about the history of the United States. Even better – a lot of the attraction in D.C. are free to the public!

Now after reading this article, there is no way you can’t miss out on #CDECAICDC. To learn more about all the information about ICDC, click here.

The executive officer team is looking forward to welcoming you all to Washington, D.C., this April!

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