100 Days Until Atlanta – Are You Ready Now?

100 days until blinding bright lights.

100 days until deafening loud music

100 days until nearly 20,000 people—all with one thing in common—make a new city their home.

100 days until Atlanta, and 108 until this year’s DECA ICDC officially begins!

Now every conference has something special about it, be it a focus on your region’s accomplishments or the excitement of every year’s association conference, but anyone who’s been to the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) can admit: ICDC is different.

It’s special and crazy and kind of hard to describe until you’re there.

I have spent a semester at college. I’ve going scuba diving on the edge of the Bermuda triangle. I’ve hiked mountains in the Alaskan wilderness. I could continue, but it doesn’t matter how many amazing experiences I list, because not one of them beats the thrill of any of my years at the International Career Development Conference.

Which is why you need to make sure your calendar is already marked for April 21-24, 2018, because right then, Atlanta is the only place you should be.

It’s January, which means district and association conferences are right around the corner, and it’s up to YOU to determine whether or not you are selected to attend the biggest (and the best) conference of the year.

These next few weeks, remember to work hard and member what you’re working hard for. Let that motivate you to be the best competitor you can be.

Whether this is going to be your first #DECAICDC or your last, you have so much to look forward to in just 100 days—a stadium full of people all passionate about the same thing, adventures around a brand new city, meeting others from across the world, competition, and of course, a shot at a coveted piece of DECA Glass and hearing your name announced through the loudspeaker for everyone else to hear.

Thinking about ICDC now still makes me feel an adrenaline rush, just imagining all we have to look forward to at this conference. For me, that’s meeting you all.

I can’t promise I know what every minute of your #DECAICDC experience will be like, but I can promise you one thing: this year’s International Career Development Conference will be one for the books.

Now it’s your turn to tell me why you’re excited about #DECAICDC! Share with me your own favorite ICDC memory or what you’re most excited about this year on Twitter @decavphayley.

There’s only 100 days until Atlanta – are you ready now?

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