4 Ways to Take Your Presentation from Flop to Pop

Let’s face it – you can have the colorful charts, the statistics and all of the necessary requirements, but what makes your presentation stand out?

Use these tips below to make your presentation pop:

Be Prepared!

Seems silly, right? Well, you probably just think you need your trifold board or you note cards, but having extra pens, pencils, and duplicate copies of your materials is a must. When working in a team, make sure each teammate has a copy of each required material in case of any emergencies. Also, lint rollers, floss, and stain-remover pens are helpful!

The Outfit is Key! 

I get it, the snazzy DECA blazers we have the honor of wearing are awesome. The question is, what should you wear with your DECA blazer? During your presentation, your audience will be sure to evaluate you based on your appearance. When dressing for your presentation, you want to follow DECA’s dress code, but don’t be afraid to personalize your outfit.

For example, if you are presenting on eco-friendly products, wearing green pants, or a green dress would be a great idea. When you are working in a team, I highly suggest wearing the same clothing. Remember, you want to be professional and comfortable.

Creative Visuals   

Visuals are a key ingredient in your presentation, think of your space when presenting as prime real estate. Having too many visuals could be confusing and distracting, so make sure your visuals are easy to comprehend. Make your visual aids professional, but also unique.

What you use during your presentation does not have to be fresh from the printer, but anything you present should be checked for grammatical errors and visually appealing. Also, make sure your visual aids are special. Anyone can print and glue pieces of paper to a tri-fold board, but including special effects or something that no one else has will make you more memorable.

Entrance & Exit

First impressions are always crucial, but when preparing, most people forget to practice their entrance, and how they will set up their materials. Make sure you practice setting up your visuals and make sure each team member knows exactly what their job is. Judges may not be officially be judging you on your set up, but your judge will definitely be watching you during this time. Also, when you exit make sure thank the judge, and again have each teammate assigned to pack up a visual.

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