What to Do After You’ve Submitted Your Chapter Campaigns

Lauren Valiente | Florida DECA

You may think that once you’ve submitted all your chapter campaigns, you’re done for the year – wrong!

There is so much your chapter can still work towards even after your campaigns are submitted.

Here are just a few things you can do to keep your chapter motivated:

1. Competition

With states just around the corner, it is prime competition time! This is the season when your chapter can thrive with workshops and resources provided on deca.org, fldeca.org, and www.decadirect.org. It all starts with you. With the passion, discipline, and correct study materials, you can get the glass. The possibilities are LIMITLESS!

2. Chapter Events

There are always members in every chapter who just don’t find competition to be their thing, and keeping these members involved is crucial during competition season. Holding socials, planning lunchtime activities, or even watching motivational videos in class are great examples of ways to get non-competing members engaged this spring.

The Florida DECA chartered association officers upload videos onto fldeca.org that you can use for this. Team 60 also created an Annual Business Plan (ABP) this year that has a lot of activities to capture these members. Thriving for either Bronze, Silver, or Gold level can create growth within your chapter!

3. Be Community Oriented

Finding a positive way to impact your community is always a great activity for any DECA chapter. For instance, go out and find a run to raise money for a charity or create a drive where members donate items to charity. In Florida DECA, we have annual spring and fall drives to donate to different charities in need across Florida, which we call Helping Hands. Start a DECA tradition within your association or chapter, your community will thank you.

No matter what season it is there is always goals to thrive for in DECA. Do not get overwhelmed or feel that you have to do everything at once, these do not have to be completed at the same time.

The first step to any successful operation is to take a step back and plan them out first. Once that is done, thrive to stick to your plan and the results will pay off. Long-term goals take long-term effort!

Don’t forget, DECA’s Advocacy Campaign is still going on! The deadline to submit your activities is March 1, 2018. Learn more about this chapter campaign here.

This article was written by Florida DECA Executive Vice President, Laura Valiente. You can follow Lauren on Twitter @FloridaDECA.

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