The Best Gift for a DECA Senior? DECA’s Emerging Leader Honor Award!

Photo courtesy of @sara_christenson on Instagram.

The holiday season has passed, all of the gifts have been unwrapped, the feasts have been eaten and the lights have been taken down.

But right before you throw the tree out, you see one more gift in the very back corner. What could it be?

Well here are some hints for you to try to figure it out before you tear off that wrapping.

You received this gift because you:

  • Are a DECA member
  • Are a senior
  • Have at least a 3.2 GPA
  • Have completed a business course and align with our guiding principles

Can you guess what it is?

It’s DECA’s Emerging Leader Honor Award and it’s specially wrapped for you, go ahead and tear in!

That gift isn’t all! Your name and chapter will also be published on DECA Direct for the entire DECA world to see!

Now, if you complete all of those qualifications, I want you to nominate a #Limitless senior for the Emerging Leader Honor Award. It is the perfect gift and one that shows the world why our DECA members are some of the best students in the world.

Completed applications and $5.00 are due to DECA Inc. by January 30, 2018, so don’t delay!

If you would like an extra present to cap off your holiday season, then head out to this link to learn more and apply for the award.

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