Spanish River DECA Helps Students Go From Stress to Success

Michelle Huang | Spanish River DECA
Spanish River DECA raised and donated $1,000 to the Falk Center for Counseling.

Walking through a high school hallway, you’ll likely hear the phrases, “I have so much work to do!” or “I got no sleep last night!”

Many high school students have various responsibilities both inside and outside of school such as extracurricular activities, sports or jobs. When it comes to managing or reducing stress, many students are unfamiliar with effective methods. Often times, students may turn to unhealthy methods of relieving stress that may impact their health and performance in the long run.

In May, Spanish River DECA began their “From Stress to Success” project with the purpose of educating students about the effects of stress and teaching effective methods of stress management.

We addressed the importance of understanding and being aware of your mental health. Thomas Beres, one of the DECA members working on this project, said, “We hope we can reach kids all around the county and surrounding areas to help them relieve and manage their stress. The project is an important first step to helping students manage their stress and mental health.”

Some of the activities Spanish River DECA students have taken part in is an after-school yoga session, a speaker event about nutrition and a club at school.

One of the recent fundraisers organized by Spanish River DECA was to support Faulk Center for Counseling in Boca Raton, Fla. The Faulk Center provides free and low-cost programs for counseling and support. Through different counseling groups targeted to teens, licensed psychologists teach students how to work through difficult circumstances and stress management.

On December 15, Spanish River DECA donated $1,000 that they raised from their fundraiser to support the programs offered at the Faulk Center. With this donation from our chapter, we hope that students will be able to obtain the assistance they need when they are faced with stress and external pressures.

This article was written by Spanish River DECA National Correspondence Director, Michelle Huang.You can follow Spanish River DECA on Twitter @river_deca.

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