Creative Ways Your Chapter Can Utilize Live Videos

With the introduction of Instagram Live and other various live streaming applications, the use of live video has become universal on digital media platforms.

Has your DECA chapter tried utilizing this new technology yet?

Check out a few ways going live could help your chapter reach potential members, increase engagement and get more active in the DECA community:

1. Live Videos of Conferences

Doing a live stream via Instagram or Facebook is a great way to show members who were unable to attend a conference what it is all about. Make sure to show your chapter having fun, learning and succeeding! Also this is great for parents who are not able to travel as chaperones. They’ll be able to watch what their kids love to do the most and feel as if they are right there!

This is also a great way to share the DECA conference experience with potential members too! They may not fully understand what an opening session is like by just hearing or reading about it, but watching it for themselves is sure to open their eyes.

2. Officer Seminars

Use live videos like Google+ Hangout or Skype to connect with your association officers and other officer teams. This is a great way to make these connection while not having to leave the comfort of your classroom or home.

As officers, we would love to speak to DECA members and chapters, but due to traveling or scheduling conflicts, this is not always possible. An great alternative is reaching out to your association officers for them to Skype in to a meeting. You can also Skype in with business professionals during your meetings!

3. Chapter Meetings & Announcements

Looking for a quick and easy way to share chapter news and announcements that’s more engaging than an email? Try going live! Hop on Instagram Live once a week to share the top announcements and reminders for your chapter members. This way, those who cannot make weekly meetings are still in the loop, and the awesome activities your chapter is planning are also being shared with everyone on Instagram, not just with members! What a great way to attract new members to join the fun.

Take the great opportunity of live videos to further enhance your chapter and become #Limitless this year!

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