We Are Not Only #OneDECA, We Are #OneCTSO

Jaron with national officers from other CTSOs at ACTE Career Tech VISION 2017.

Before I jump right into this story, here’s a little lesson for you. In the educational system we live in today, there is a form of education called Career and Technical Education, or more easily referred to as CTE. Now within CTE are a group of student organizations, we call these Career and Technical Student Organizations, or CTSOs for short.

Each CTSO covers different topics and is run a little bit differently from each other, but all in all we are pretty similar. Some CTSO’s focus on farming, some on technology, or business, or health. DECA falls under the business heading.

Okay, so know that we all know that, here we go.

This past week I was able to travel to the beautiful city of Nashville, Tenn. (Ignore the fact that I thought I would be escaping the frigid New England weather, and instead went to an even colder city.) Nashville is an amazing place; the people, the sights, and especially the music are second to none.

I went to Nashville to attend ACTE’s Career Tech VISION 2017 conference. This conference is where CTSOs, as well as outside groups and vendors who work with CTSOs, gather together to discuss the latest happenings in the world of CTE. It was a pretty large conference with nearly 5,000 adults in attendance.

In addition to those 5,000 adults, there were 10 students including myself. I went to the conference to work at the DECA Inc. booth in the expo hall and discuss DECA with everyone who stopped by. I was able to speak with so many amazing teacher, administrators and other school officials about why they should have DECA in their school.

The other nine students were national officers from other student organizations, and were at #VISIONCTE17 doing the same thing as me for their respective CTSOs.

When I first got to the conference I thought that I had to recruit all of the teachers and get every single person to start a DECA chapter, but after meeting these other CTSO officers I realized that there is room in this world for every CTSO and we should all help each other grow.

Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely recruited as hard as I could, but I also understood when some teachers said DECA wasn’t right for them. That lesson is something I think is beneficial for everyone. It’s important to allow people to choose what path they want, and then help them achieve their own, unique goals.

I had such an amazing time in Nashville advocating for DECA, making friendships and realizing that we are #OneCTSO. Every organization in CTE is here to help benefit students and get them ready for their futures. I am extremely proud to be in DECA, an organization who does that mission so well.

Remember, we are not only #OneDECA, but we are also #OneCTSO!

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