Mark Your Calendars for the First #DECAAdvisor Twitter Chat

Vince LoPiccolo | Rochester Adams DECA

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By now we know that DECA posts great info for our students and their proud advisors, but did you know there is a way to connect with other advisors and teachers like you by joining a Twitter Chat?

By participating in Twitter Chats, you will meet new people and learn new methods to educate and develop students. It is my distinct pleasure to inform you of the newest Twitter Chat for business teachers and more specifically, #DECAAdvisors.

A Twitter Chat is a discussion using the Twitter platform. Questions will be posed by the host using “Q1,” followed by the question. To respond to the question, you will start a new tweet, type “A1,” and then your answer. End your tweet with the hashtag of the chat, in our case #DECAAdvisor.

Two experienced, social media savvy DECA advisors, Theresa Brooks of Southington High School DECA and myself, Vince LoPiccolo of Rochester Adams High School DECA, will serve as your hosts and moderators for a new series of #DECAAdvisor Twitter Chats. We have aspirations for the chat to be hosted by DECA business partners and other DECA advisors in the future.

Theresa and I are excited to announce the first #DECAAdvisor Twitter Chat will be held on Wednesday, January 3, 2018, at 9 PM EST, and the chat topic will be “Preparing for State Career Development Conferences.”

Searching the hashtag #DECAAdvisor on the first Wednesday of each month will allow you to see the posts included in the chat, and there’s no need to reply directly to a post unless you want to have a discussion with that individual or about that specific post.

For some of you, Twitter Chats will be a new journey. New can be challenging, but as advisors and educators we are the champions of new, and I’ll bet you will find that it’s much easier after you’ve joined the conversation.

We invite all advisors to get involved in the first #DECAAdvisors Twitter Chat on Wednesday, January 3, at 9 PM EST. This is a great way to build your knowledge and your #DECAFriends network!

This article was written by Rochester Adams DECA advisor, Vince LoPiccolo. You can follow Vince on Twitter @AdamsDECA.

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