Holiday Fundraisers That Will Help You Get to ICDC

Well folks, the holiday season is already here!

As we dial down our semesters, now is the perfect time to prep your members to attend this year’s Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference in Washington, D.C. While #CDECAICDC is an amazing experience, it does come with a price tag.

So here are a few holiday fundraising ideas to help you cover your chapter’s ICDC expenses:

White Elephant Gift Exchange

If you didn’t know the rules already, White Elephant is a simple game where participants select one unknown gift under a central location. Participants go in turns to grab their pick and open their gift in front everyone. The participant has a choice to keep or “steal” another person’s gift.

Now, how does this fit in with fundraising? Well here’s the twist!

Instead of having participants bringing their own gift, have your chapter collect/wrap gifts, and sell tickets for individuals to participate in the exchange. Gifts can range from a few high value items to a variety of cheap novelty items, which are then placed in indistinguishable boxes. This gives an incentive for participants to buy tickets for a chance to win big!

In addition, reach out to any local business or donors to collect any high value items. With good promotion, your gift exchange can be great success while bringing notoriety and resources to your chapter.

If you are looking for fun gift ideas, scroll through Shop DECA to find the best DECA themed holiday gifts!

Baked Good Care Packages

For many college students, the weeks building up to the holidays are filled with the stresses of finals and the melancholy of homesickness. So, here’s an idea that puts a twist on your classic bake sale and brings value/extra cheer to your fellow students.

As a chapter, grab some your best skilled bakers and whip up large batches of your favorite baked good confections. Then, fill up boxes with your treats and add a special holiday touch, like ribbons or a note. From there, go on social media or set up a table promoting your care packages as the perfect gift/stress remedy for finals.

In addition, you can have members of your chapter hand deliver these boxes to anyone in need of holiday cheer or wanting to show their care for someone they love. You can sell your boxes in various sizes and prices along with any additional delivery fees. Also, try promoting your care packages to your professors or local business looking to give a heartfelt gift.

One-Stop Testing Supply Shop

Finally, it wouldn’t be a true DECA fundraiser if there wasn’t a note of entrepreneurship involved. When finals week hits, have members of your chapter stationed around various parts of campus near testing locations geared up with Scantron sheets, bluebooks, No.2 Pencils, calculators, and other testing supplies students might have forgotten and need for their exams.

You can sell these highly coveted items at a slight markup and use profits for your chapter! You can also promote your chapter’s campaign with signs and a dedicated delivery hotline for students in a last-minute frenzy for a Scantron. Check out Shop DECA to grab a couple of DECA branded stationery items!

Be sure that any of your fundraisers follow your school’s guidelines, and bring a positive image to your chapter.

Now take those ideas and make them your own! Share with us on social media your fundraisers and keep us posted on its success. If you have any ideas of your own feel free to share those with us to! Don’t forget to take pictures and mark them down on your Leadership Passport Program Application.

With that noted, on behalf of the 2017-2018 Executive Officer Team, we wish you a happy holiday season and we look forward to see you in April at #CDECAICDC!

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