What To Do Besides Watching Netflix This Winter Break

You don’t have to tell me how addicting Netflix can be because I know the struggle all too well.

I have bad news for you all though – Gossip Girl and Stranger Things are probably not going to be paying for your college.

Sorry, I had high hopes myself!

The good news though is that by being a DECA member, you’re eligible to receive part of the $300,000 available through DECA’s Scholarship Program. Now, that’s a perk!

You do indeed need to be a registered Collegiate DECA member and full-time student at a college or university to receive a scholarship. We have many scholarships available to all grade levels of Collegiate DECA members. You are not limited to the amount of scholarships that you can apply for, so have a blast and get all that free money!

Most of DECA’s scholarships are merit based rather than financial need based, so I encourage everyone to apply.

Scholarship applications are very simple to complete and you can get started right now with this link.

The deadline to apply is January 19, 2018.

So what are you waiting for? Press pause on your binge-watching and earn some cash instead this winter break!

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