3 Ways to Step Up Your Competition Game

Before I get into tactics on improving yourself in competition, it is important to note the difference between learning and practicing.

If you have never competed in a case study, I recommend reading up on case study format, performance indicators and running through a practice case first.

Three simple tactics to improve your competition that I recommend are bringing real life examples into your case, optimizing your note taking and delivery structure and practicing with as many different potential audiences as possible.

Bring in real life examples.

One of the best ways to strengthen your presentation is to apply real world examples to your presentation. Reading the news daily is an excellent way to stay informed on industry happenings; remember that real world and case studies do not have to be separate. By bringing in real life examples, you add a level of relatability to the judge and increase your chances of being remembered.

Refine your note taking and delivery structure.

It’s important to remember a case study isn’t just about listing performance indicator answers. Instead, try to create a narrative in your delivery. Make sure you’re telling a story and really selling your judge on your ideas. It’s important to refine your note taking strategy, know where you’re listing information, and then having the ability to rearrange that information to form your case study narrative.

Practice, practice, practice.

The most obvious, and most important piece of competition advice, is to practice. Talk to your friends, chapter leaders, and even business professionals to find someone to judge a mock case. By putting yourself in case studies more often, and in front of different audiences, you’ll not only be more comfortable when presenting in competition but you can also use real feedback to alter and optimize your case study approaches.

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