3 Benefits of Having a Personalized Chapter Hashtag

Photo courtesy of @fit_deca on Instagram.

Has your chapter ever thought about creating your own hashtag?

Hashtags are an efficient way to see all the photos from an event you have held, as well as a great way to get everyone in your chapter posting photos on social media during chapter activities.

My chapter has created one and we are able to see all the great photos members have posted about events they attended throughout the year.

You’re probably wondering if it is worth it or not to create one for your chapter, and I want to tell you why it’s beneficial!

Here are the three reasons why you should have one:

1. It Draws Attention

Hashtags allow you to draw attention to your event or chapter. Utilizing a hashtag in all your posted content gives people the opportunity to look further into a chapter event or even the organization as a whole. Additionally, it’s a great way to attract new members and help them see what DECA is all about!

2. It Organizes Photos

Having a hashtag can allow you to organize all the photos posted on social media by your individual members. Trying to search through each member’s profile to find a specific photo from an event is tedious, but when your members are all using the same hashtag, you have an instant library of chapter photos to choose from. Another great idea is to use the same hashtags year after year as a way to see your chapter’s growth and legacy. My chapter has our own hashtag and it’s great to see all the photos from our members!

3. It Promotes Your Chapter

Having a hashtag for your chapter will allow you to promote yourself on social media and could potentially grow interest from people who are not already DECA members! People can see all the fun events you have had or attend throughout the year and may be interested to learn more. This is also a great way to show potential sponsors or business partners what DECA is all about. They say a photo’s worth a thousand words, so instead trying to explain what DECA is, show it instead with your chapter hashtag.

Now that you know all about what hashtags can do for your chapter, it’s time to create one! One cool thing about hashtags that not too many people know is that they are FREE! You can create a hashtag at no cost, and you can start them right away by just promoting it to your members and using it on your next social media post.

When you do start one, don’t forget to tag @DECAInc and @CollegiateDECA. We love seeing all the great things chapters are doing throughout the year and want to follow each of your hashtags too.

Good luck and I can’t wait to see all the photos!

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