SBE Certification Submission Site Now Open

The School-based Enterprises (SBE) Chapter Certification submission site is open!

The School-based Enterprise (SBE) Chapter Certification Program provides recognition for outstanding achievement by school-based enterprises and motivates SBEs to strive for excellence and growth. The program provides SBEs with standards for model operations and recognition at three levels: bronze, silver and gold.

The SBE Chapter Certification project provides an opportunity for chapters to earn international recognition for excellence in SBE business operations, as well as the chance to compete with other SBEs at DECA’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC).

When submitting the Chapter Certification project, SBEs must indicate whether they specialize in Food Operations or Retail Operations. Utilize the following information to determine how to categorize your SBE:


  • Product assortment includes food or beverage items prepared or assembled by students in the SBE, or hot food items prepared off-site and brought in to the SBE to sell
  • Food items account for largest percentage of items sold in the SBE and/or largest percentage of gross sales (either packaged foods or prepared foods)

Typical Food Operations SBEs might include coffee shops, snack shops, convenience style shops selling predominately packaged snacks, restaurants, cafes, lunch counters, etc.


  • Product assortment consists primarily of merchandise that is not food (school supplies, spirit wear, gifts, etc.)
  • Non-food items or services account for the largest percentage of items sold in the SBE and/or account for the largest percentage of gross sales
  • Pre-packaged snack foods might be a part of the product assortment, but do not account for the majority of product sales
  • The SBE specializes in a service (graphic design, screen printing, credit union, consulting, etc.)

Chapters that earn Gold certification or re-certification will be eligible to participate in the SBE Academy and Competition, with approval from the chartered association advisor. Chapters must be entered in the category in which the written chapter certification project received certification – food operations or retail operations. 

The final deadline for projects is Friday, January 12, 2018, at 11:59 PM EST.

To learn more about school-based enterprises and the chapter certification project, click here.

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