Discovering Possibilities with Berkeley College & WindowsWear

Day 2 of the 2017 DECA New York Experience kicked off with a wonderful presentation from Berkeley College and WindowWear.

The workshops started off with hearing from current Berkeley College student, Rebecca Aguilera. Rebecca first heard about Berkeley College when she attended the DECA New York Experience almost four years ago. She had never considered attending college outside her home state of Arkansas, but her mind was quickly changed when Berkeley offered her an incredible scholarship because of her DECA involvement.

Now, Rebecca cannot have imagined attending college anywhere else, and has even obtained a public relations internship thanks to the skills and experiences she’s gained so far at Berkeley.

After hearing from Rebecca, Jon Harari, CEO & Founder of WindowsWear, took the stage to share their unique place in the marketing and retail space.

WindowWear helped retailers around the world create and executive creative, engaging and awe-inspiring window displays. Their clients include brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Harrod’s and Kate Spade, and their work can be seen from New York to Paris, London and beyond.

The WindowsWear team helped these brands create innovative window displays each season using detailed competitive analysis and trend mapping to ensure that their creations continue to push the envelope and draw customers in each time.

The downside of this ever-changing window display market however is that once a window display is done, it usually gets trashed. WindowsWear wanted to change this cycle and find a way to preserve these incredible piece of work, so they partnered with Berkeley College to create a museum showcasing the most inspiring window displays from around New York City.

WindowsWear also shared some creative marketing techniques they employ. “The best way to market yourself is to get other people to market to you,” Jon shared. Since WindowsWear photographs and digitizes all the window displays they create, they are able to share high quality and sometimes animated images of their work.

These images are shared with their retailers to then be promoted and pushed out on social media. DECA members were able to see one prime example of a tweet from Michael Kors sharing their newest window, with a tag thanking WindowsWear for the display.

Thank you to WindowsWear and Berkeley College for a great morning. You can learn more about Berkeley College, and the scholarships available to DECA members, here. You can also contact Jon Harari at

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