9 Tips on Holding Chapter Competition Workshops

Lena Kellogg | Leavenworth DECA

With district and association competitions quickly approaching, it is essential to have your chapter prepared. Holding chapter competition workshops are a great way to improve the competitive success of your chapter while simultaneously bonding!

Testing Workshops

The majority of DECA competitive events have a test, making testing a largely uniting factor for running a competitive workshop.

  1. Ask members to come prepared with a practice test already completed and scored. When they get to the workshop, you can focus on improving on the areas they need help on.
  2. Utilize the resources available through Shop DECAThere are flashcards with important concepts and vocabulary for each of the clusters available for purchase. These are a great study tool for individual members and a great resource for making exciting chapter workshop activities.
  3. Make studying into games! Create a Jeopardy or Kahoot game with key terms from either one cluster or all of them and turn it into a chapter competition with prizes. Promoting the prizes will help to increase interest and attendance among members.

Role-Play Workshops

It can be difficult to do chapter-wide role-play workshops due to the vast options of events. Here are some ideas on how to streamline the process while making the workshop worthwhile for all involved.

  1. DECA has provided a list of all the performance indicators divided by cluster and event. Review these and determine which are the most important for your chapter to go over. Provide examples of how to meet the indicators in certain role-play situations.
  2. Have members in the same cluster buddy up to practice role plays. Both will review the same role-play but one will be the judge and the other the competitor. Once the “judge” has given pointers and shared other ideas on how to approach the situation both members will review another role play but swap roles. This works with team events too!
  3. Bring in local employment specialists. Reach out to your local business partners or local DECA national advisory board companies and ask if a manager or employee could visit your chapter to discuss interview do’s and don’ts.

Written Workshops

Writtens are extremely time consuming. It can be difficult to maintain enthusiasm and create DECA Glass worthy work throughout the duration of the project. Chapter written workshops are a great way to remind members they have support.

  1. Ask members to come prepared to edit and accept advice. It is much easier to make the time allotted for a workshop more meaningful when members come prepared with their work and in a good attitude! (Tip: food is a great way to boost attitude, especially if your workshop is particularly long.)
  2. Host a workshop every few weeks or so. This keeps members accountable and on top of their work while creating a sense of camaraderie among those involved in the workshops.
  3. Once the presentations are completed, hold a workshop specifically for practicing the presentation one-on-one with a “judge.” A judge can be anyone (chapter officer, chapter member, advisor, teacher, etc.) but the most important aspect of the “judge” is that they are willing to provide useful feedback to the presenters.

This article was written by Leavenworth DECA President, Lena Kellogg. You can follow Lena on Twitter @lena_kellogg.

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