3 Reasons Why You Should Be a DECA Officer

Lindsey Spero | Capital Senior DECA

Whether it be at the association level or within your chapter, you have the opportunity to run for an officer position!

Being a chapter officer or an association officer is very fun, and offers you may unforgettable opportunities.

Besides all the fun and unique memories, why should you run for  DECA office? Check out a few reasons below:

1. Being part of a team!

If you are chosen to be an officer, you get the opportunity to not only get to network, but also to increase your teamwork skills. You are given the opportunity to get to know other DECA members better, help make important decisions, and be apart of something bigger than yourself.

2. Get your opinion heard.

Being apart of an officer team gives you multiple chances to share your opinions, and make positive changes. Instead of complaining about things you do not like, these officer positions give you the opportunity to either alter or change those things.

3. Make a difference!

This position allows you to make endless memories, collaborate with fabulous individuals, make positive changes, and help you get into college. If you are willing to put in the work, you being an officer can help you accomplish all of your goals.

Overall, you should run to be a DECA officer! This is an opportunity of a lifetime giving you the chance to network, increase your teamwork skills, and make positive changes.

This article was written by Capital Senior DECA Chapter Secretary, Lindsey Spero. You can follow Lindsey on Twitter @lindsey_spero.

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