Marketing & Fashion Insight from Macy’s at #DECANYC

The 2017 New York Experience kicked off on Thursday, November 30, with an incredible marketing and fashion presentation from Macy’s!

Bradley Eckerson, manager of tourism marketing for Macy’s, greeted the #DECANYC attendees with some fascinating pieces of information about the historic Macy’s store on Herald Square. Not only has this store served as the original Macy’s since it was built in 1902, but it is also the largest department store in the world, with 10 full floors of selling space.

Mr. Eckerson also shared some facts about the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the attendees. The parade is one of Macy’s biggest and best pieces of marketing and adversiting, since viewers are seeing the Macy’s name and brand on their screen for the entire duration of the parade.

Mr. Eckerson then welcomed celebrity stylist, Mr. Carlton Spence, to the floor for an interactive fashion presentation. Student volunteers were called up to the front the help Mr. Spence showcase various outfits that directly appealed to DECA members. From “athleisure” wear and interview suits, to casual weekend outfits and party looks, Mr. Spence shared some very important fashion tips with members that they can apply to any situation.

For the men, Mr. Spence said to always buy 100% wool suits, since wool is a breathable fabric unlike polyester blends. He also told the male members in the audience to get their suits dry cleaned twice a year to keep them looking sharp. His most important tip however was about the suit buttons.

“Never button the bottom button!” Mr. Spence said over and over again.

He advised students to remember the saying, “sometimes, always, never,” when thinking about which of the three buttons on their suit jackets to button. Sometimes you can button the top one, you should always button the middle one, and never button the last one.

For the female members, Mr. Spence stressed the importance of looking natural when going into an interview, and to avoid heavy make up or the smokey eye look for this occasion. He also advised the ladies to stick to classic and simple pieces of clothing, like a great black jacket or blazer, that can be re-worn with more casual pieces like jeans on the weekend.

Mr. Spence’s top tip when it came to the newest “athleisure” wear trend is to never mix brands. Make sure you’re wearing Nike clothing with Nike shoes, or Adidas clothing with Adidas shoes, but never combine the brands.

Thank you so much to Macy’s for a fabulous morning filled with plenty of invaluable tips members will keep with them for years to come!

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