Discovering the Next Generation of Designers at The Market NYC

Members from Walker DECA hear from a designer at The Market NYC about her clothing line.

Attendees at the 2017 DECA New York Experience had the unique opportunity to go inside the world of fashion thanks to The Market NYC.

The Market NYC started in 2002 as a place for young designers to sell their products to the market without the hassle of owning or running their own brick and mortar store. Before The Market opened, the only place for designers to really showcase their work was at flea markets around the city, but this strategy wasn’t getting their goods in front of the right customers.

When The Market first started, it was a weekend-only operation. New designers would pay to have a stand inside The Market, and on Saturdays and Sundays they would come, set up their booths and sell their goods. As the demand grew however, The Market became a full-time operation. Now, designers can pay a monthly rental fee to have their booth set up inside The Market all the time, and the doors to the warehouse are open seven days a week.

This business model is appealing to so many young designers who do not have the capital to rent their own space, as well as afford utilities, internet and the other necessities needed to run a retail store. The Market NYC provides its renter with internet access, electricity and more, so that they can solely focus on creating and designer their goods.

While at The Market, DECA members heard from one of the founders on how he started the business, and how it’s changed in the past 15 years. For instance, when The Market NYC first started, there was no social media to help grow the business. The founders instead had to rely on word-of-mouth marketing as well as more tradition forms of advertising like newspapers. Today however, they can share their designer’s products on Instagram and people from all over the world can see where to buy it.

After hearing from The Market’s founder, students were able to go browse the various booths open for business, meet with the designers individually and shop! It was a truly eye opening experience and #DECANYC attendees had a wonderful time peeking behind the curtain of the fashion industry in NYC.

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