How Riverbend DECA Celebrated #DECAMonth 2017

Sarah Young | Riverbend DECA

November is one of the greatest months for DECA members! There was never a dull moment for members at Riverbend High School as they celebrated among others all across the globe.

Members at Riverbend had countless ways to show their love for DECA throughout the month, and maybe you can find inspiration from some of their favorites!

Celebrate with a DECA Week

Each year the officer team picks one week in November to plan a fun DECA activity for each day. Riverbend celebrated DECA week from November 13-17 this year. Here’s a rundown of the daily activities we planned:

  • Monday: To help fundraise for a clothing and toy drive held by the chapter, Riverbend DECA officers sold “DECA doughnuts” to members and other students in the morning. The money raised was used to buy donations for the drive.
  • Tuesday: Members brought in snacks and treats to help support their  DECA Teacher Appreciation Day. Teachers enjoyed this all day as a thank you from DECA students for all their dedication.
  • Wednesday: Students participated in a “DECA Candy Counting Contest” during lunch shifts to promote the organization and have some fun! The officer team filled a jar with blue and white candy, and students were encouraged to guess the amount for a chance to win the DECA themed candy.
  • Thursday: To promote the organization, students came to school decked out in blue and white apparel to show their love for DECA.
  • Friday: A fun and popular event, DECA officers host a “Movie Day” each year during DECA week. Members brought snacks to share and were able to relax after school and enjoy a movie on behalf of the chapter.

Hold Trivia and Scavenger Hunts on Social Media

It is so important to utilize social media during DECA Mkkkonth to promote your chapter and members. Throughout the month, Riverbend DECA had a trivia question each Tuesday, and a mini scavenger hunt each Thursday. The contests were hosted on Twitter and the first member to successfully complete the task won a prize.

On Tuesdays the trivia question was always something DECA related and fun! On Thursday the officers hid a DECA pin somewhere in the school and the first person to recognize its location won the prize. Members always look forward to the activities and the tradition has been passed on for countless years.

Practice for Competition

For Riverbend High School, their DECA Regional Competition is always early December which means that November is prep time! During and after school, members can be found studying diligently and practicing role-plays for the long awaited first competition. Officers and experienced DECA leaders help the newer members and are able to guide the chapter to success.

The Riverbend DECA chapter is always sad to see the #DECAMonth end, but the activities never stop and our chapter is excited to see what the rest of the year holds. One month closer to #DECAICDC, and no one can wait to be in Atlanta!

This article was written by Riverbend DECA Chapter Secretary and District President, Sarah Young. You can follow Riverbend DECA on Twitter @bendddeca.

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