How to Make Global Entrepreneurship Week Come Alive

Michelle Weintraub | Buchholz DECA
Buchholz DECA and entrepreneur, Parker Van Hart.

For Global Entrepreneurship Week, Buchholz DECA officers wanted to give our members a week they would never forget. The week was organized with activities that highlighted DECA’s guiding principles: community oriented, academically prepared, professionally responsible and experienced leader. We also celebrated DECA day by passing out stickers that said, “Buchholz High DECA.” We put the stickers on all our announcements and gave them to our members to put on their phones, laptops and water bottles.

We wanted to use our chapter to tell the whole school about Global Entrepreneurship Week, so we made a video in the style of Apple’s “Think Different” to share on the morning news. This made more students aware of GEW.

When it came to speakers, we knew needed people who really had an impact on Gainesville, Fla. We chose four names: Freddie Wehbe, Joe Cirulli, Lauren Babitz and Parker Van Hart. We then assigned each one of the speakers the task of talking about being one of the following: community oriented, experienced leader, professionally responsible, and academically prepared. This helped make it clear who did what for the DECA campaigns.

For other chapters I recommend having a few “dream” people and going after them. You never know they just might say yes! If your officer team can’t get a speaker you really want, let your chapter know that you are trying to get the speaker to come because across your chapter you have a lot more connections than just with your officer team.

Freddie Wehbe is the #1 entrepreneur in Gainesville. He owns all of the Domino’s franchises in the Gainesville and Starke area, has been invited to the White House many times to receive awards, and has been recognized by Domino’s as an example franchise owner. Freddie encouraged our chapter that it is good to make a profit so that you can give back to the community, demonstrating what being community oriented really looks like.

Joe Cirulli, founder and CEO of Gainesville Health and Fitness, talked to our DECA chapter about how he developed America’s Best Small Business (Forbes 2016). Mr. Cirulli discussed with our chapter about the struggles of the business at the beginning, what he had to overcome, and how he continues to beat out his competitors. Mr. Cirulli represented experienced leaders and was one of the many highlights of our Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Lauren Babitz, previous DECA International Career Development Conference winner, talked to our chapter about being professionally responsible. She engaged our chapter by sharing tips on developing your own “personal brand,” and by giving humorous examples with LinkedIn, resumes and cover letters.

Parker Van Hart, from the University of Florida Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center,  talked to our chapter about being academically prepared. He spoke to students about becoming a great entrepreneur and what it would take to get there. Mr. Van Hart inspired students to think creatively and work endlessly.

Global Entrepreneurship Week was a huge success. We invited Gainesville High’s DECA chapter to be apart of the event which also helped our members network. We engaged our members, simultaneously preparing them to be entrepreneurs. I would recommend that chapters start early when putting together GEW. Having a really successful GEW can boost the morale of students in your chapter.

This article was written by Buchholz DECA President, Michelle Weintraub. You can follow Michelle on Twitter @michellejenee99.

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