Learning the Ins and Outs of Entrepreneurship in NYC

The 2017 Collegiate DECA ENGAGE conference was incredible! This year, we truly meet our goal to ENGAGE members in not only to their future career paths, but with DECA’s amazing National Advisory Board partners.

The Entrepreneurship Track immersed itself into the imaginative yet gritty streets of Brooklyn. During our time in Brooklyn we explored the Made in New York Media Center.

This unique co-working space is an incubator designed for creative professionals to collaborate and innovate the ideas.  There with help from our NAB partner, M&M Productions USA, the group met three startup founders based in the incubator who shared their journey as entrepreneurs, while providing inventive ideas for their case studies.


Co-Founder Yuki Kotani introduced us to her new social media platform called Balloon. This creative app is designed to be collaborative and allows users organize content around conversations. Ms. Kotani explained to us her goal is to bring the power of social media back to the users. She also offered our members to be a part of Balloon’s Ambassador Program!

PlotPoint Creative Media

Creativity and craftsmanship is the cornerstone of the Brooklyn startup industry. PlotPoint, founded by Zack Wilson, is a full-service film, television and commercial production company. Currently, Wilson’s company relies solely on word of mouth and recommendations to generate business. This conversation fascinated many of our members and bought an interesting perspective in the world of entrepreneurship.


As the hub for creative content, the filmmaking scene in Brooklyn gives creators a pedestal to reaching audiences around the world.  Stareable created by founder Ajay Kishore is a web series curation site that give content creators a place to develop their craft. Mr. Kishore explained to us the value of building a community online while explaining path to reach new audiences.

After a time in scenic Brooklyn, we spent some time with CEO and founder of M&M Productions USA, Mike Brown, as he shared his journey as an entrepreneur, and opened the floor for collaboration. As we worked on the ENGAGE Case Studies, our teams worked hand-in-hand with Mr. Brown to develop a plan for his company’s online presence.

This unique experience truly showed the value of DECA members engaging with our NAB partners. I am truly confident to say the groups made an impact and an impression on M&M Productions. In return, Mr. Brown offered EACH one of our Entrepreneurship Track participants a $50 scholarship for registration to the 2018 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference and long term collaboration opportunities.

To connect with M&M Productions or one of their clients in your community, contact Mike Brown.

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